In the Community

Our club has always worked diligently to contribute back to our community. This has been accomplished in a variety of ways over the years.

Educational opportunities for dogs and their owners are offered on a continual basis. These might be in the form of weekly classes, informational meetings, workshops, or seminars. While often free, there is sometimes a nominal fee charged for participation in order to cover the costs of the event.

We have, on a regular basis, made contributions to other dog related non-profit organizations and charities. Such organizations include, but are not limited to the Humane Society of Carroll County and Bennett Cerf Dog Park.

Bennett Cerf Photos:

Our 2013 calendar year contributions were divided between three very worthy groups: Take The Lead, KPets, and America’s VetDogs.  A donation of $1,200 was made to each of these organizations.  Check back later this year to find out about our 2014 donations.

Our annual all-breed dog show cluster provides a significant economic boost to the local businesses. Averaging over 900 entries on each of the 4 days these shows have a sizable impact on the local hotels and restaurants.