The Carroll Kennel Club is a service organization supporting various youth programs and other canine related activities for our community and at large. The Club also offers a Canine Good Citizenship test.   Educational programs are given throughout the year at our general meetings, which are open to the public. The Club conducts annual AKC sanctioned conformation shows and agility trials. In addition, classes in Conformation Handling, and dock diving are offered to the community. Note: Our Classes Are Taught With Philosophy Of Positive Reinforcement. No Abusive Behavior by Any Handler Will Be Permitted.​
CLASS GUIDELINES – Proof of vaccinations are required for each dog and should be submitted with registration forms & fees.

  • Dogs should be clean, free of fleas and other parasites, non-aggressive and housebroken.
  • Please take a break if your dog needs to go.
  • Do not smoke, use alcohol or strong medication while training your dog.
  • Wear comfortable clothing and shoes.
  • Refrain from losing your temper.
  • Verbally praise and touch your dog for a better response.
  • Be consistent. Do things the same way each time.
  • End your practice session on a happy note.

CLASS REGISTRATION Mixed Breed Dogs Are Welcome. General information: Lynne Beard (410) 215-4269 For specific class information or to register, please see below:


Minimum Age: 6 months. $10 per handler.

See our Calendar & Events Page for Next Class Dates

The sessions are designed to train the handler and to provide a positive environment for practice before a show or to train a young dog.

These weekly walk-in run-thrus are designed to allow the team (dog and handler) practice sessions for conformation shows. Leaders are club members experienced in conformation handling playing the role of show judge. The classes emphasize standard AKC ring patterns as wall as stacking and gaiting. The sessions are not designed to train the handler but to provide a positive environment for practice before a show or to train a young dog.

Lynne Beard



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(Updated August 2015)

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